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    Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of amigurumi ! If you like stuffed animals or animals in general, and you have a few favorite characters from series and movies, you’ll love amigurumi!

    The art of knitting amigurumi consists of knitting characters, animals, objects and anthropomorphic shapes that are generally small and adorable. The term “amigurumi” comes from Japanese.

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    The Amigurumi do not have a certain function, as it happens for example with hats or scarves, but are simply used as decorative figurines, key rings or gifts for your loved ones.

    Here at Supergurumi you will find hundreds of free premium crochet patterns to inspire you to create your own amigurumi. With all the categories that we have ( animals , superheroes, villains, fun bookmarks , festive amigurumi for Halloween or Christmas , etc.), you will surely find the perfect crochet pattern for you!

    Mini Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

    Are you looking for a small and simple Amigurumi that you can crochet in a single day? Take a look at our mini amigurumi crochet patterns .

    Knit Amigurumis without Many Seams

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