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    Fox Crochet Pattern Bookmarks Amigurumi – «Book Fox»

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    The Book Fox is always looking for things to learn, more books and more stories because at the end of the day he just wants to do justice to the expression “He’s smart as a fox!”.

    Unfortunately, his quest for wisdom was also his undoing, as he was crushed by a stack of books just as he had just found a new baked duck recipe. The incident left him ironed.

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    However, his bad luck is a bonus for all book lovers, as this good fox now serves as a handy bookmark for all those who tend to forget where they were going.

    Crochet Pattern Content

    • This crochet pattern is available as a printable PDF in English (US terminology) and German .
    • This pattern is described in detail and contains many explanatory images .
    • Available for direct download after purchase.
    • Once finished, the bookmark has a length of about 28 cm .



    Fox Crochet Pattern Bookmark

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