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    DIY Teddy Bear Tutorial & Pattern

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    Today we will take a tiny bear as an example, introduce the basic method of making a teddy bear, if you are interested, you may want to print out the paper pattern and do it with me!

    What makes a teddy bear different is that each part of the body is made independently and then combined, so let’s make them individually.

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    1. The body of the teddy bear is the simplest, only so symmetrical two pieces →

    2. Sew the two pieces together with the U-shaped part facing inward, knot the thread when finished, but do not cut it, and then turn the body over to the front.

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    3. Note that the top edge of the shorter is the front, can be used to make a pin to mark so as not to confuse. Stuff the body with cotton, do not be stingy, hard to stuff must be stuffed tightly; stuffed full of the edge of the sparse sewing a circle to tighten the thread, and then make a big knot to cut the thread, the body production is complete!

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    Make the head

    1. the most complex when it comes to the head of the teddy bear, look at the number of pieces there are so many, of course, this includes the bear’s ears, coffee-colored triangle is a non-woven fabric, used to do the nose, the nose can also be used to embroider or use the bought teddy bear nose →


    2. First, align the two cheeks and sew the chin, then sew the top of the head to the cheeks, preferably from the center (nose) to the sides, in two stages.


    3. After sewing, turn to the front→


    4. From the bottom of the mouth to the head of the stuffing cotton, the same should be stuffed tightly, after stuffing the mouth of the edge of the sparse sewing a circle after closing the mouth of the thread closed.


    5. Make the nose. Sew the non-woven fabric to the center of the head where the three lines meet, and use embroidery floss to make a triangle.


    6. Making the mouth. The mouth is made by sewing out the shape with embroidery thread or wool, in the order of entry and exit stitches as shown in the figure below, noting that threads 4-5 pass underneath threads 2-3, with the ends of the threads (1 and 6) remaining at the bottom of the mouth.


    DIY Teddy Bear Tutorial & Pattern

    7. Sew the eyes. For such a small bear, two small beads are enough for the eyes. Use a bead needle to find the right position before sewing.


    Again start by leaving the thread at the bottom, and to prevent the thread from being tugged inside, make a stitch on the top, thread the needle back into the knot, and then formally start threading the needle from the bottom right through to the bead needle position out →


    Remove the beading needle, thread in the bead, and thread it back to the bottom the same way, tugging the thread tightly with a bit of force so that the bead sinks deeper to form an eyelet→


    Use the same thread and the same method to sew the other eye→


    8. Make the ears. Sew the curved edges of the ears with both sides facing inward, then turn out the front side and fold the bottom edge inward using a hidden stitch.


    Next, sew the ears to the head, with the following stitch pattern, taking care that the stitches on the ears are closer to the bottom.


    The path of the ears connecting to the head should be curved forward into a C-shape, so that it is more natural


    9. Completion of the production of the head →


    DIY Teddy Bear Tutorial & Pattern

    Making of limbs

    1. Cutting the fabric for the arms and legs→



    2. The sewing of the arms is simple, with a pair of pairs of front-facing stitches aligned in a circle, with the rebuttals left at the back of the arms.


    3. When sewing the legs together, leave two slits, in addition to the back slit, and a straight edge at the bottom, and then sew the oval-shaped sole of the foot to the straight edge.


    4. Turn the hands and feet out of the front, stuff them with padding cotton, and then close the opening with a hidden stitch. The limbs are finished!



    1. First of all, the head and the body sewing, sewing position should be along the two closure around a circle, so that the thread left there to the end of the line are covered, the needle with the hidden needle sewing →


    2. Sew the limbs again.


    DIY Teddy Bear Tutorial & Pattern

    3. Take the arm as an example, first tie the thread in a big knot, enter the needle from the position used for the inner side of the arm, thread it to the outer side and then step away from it by about 3mm and re-thread it back to the point where it was entered into the needle (there are also cases in which a button is sewn on the outer side).


    DIY Teddy Bear Tutorial & Pattern

    4. Then pass the needle and thread through the body of the bear (the upper part at the back, marked on the pattern).


    DIY Teddy Bear Tutorial & Pattern

    5. Pass through the other arm.


    DIY Teddy Bear Tutorial & Pattern

    6. Similarly, on the outside of the other arm, step away from the distance of 3mm and then return from the original way, so that back and forth to wear a 3 ~ 4 times


    DIY Teddy Bear Tutorial & Pattern

    7. Finally, leave the end of the thread on the inside of the arm and tie a knot.


    DIY Teddy Bear Tutorial & Pattern

    8. Sew the legs together in the same way so that the legs and arms can be moved up and down.


    DIY Teddy Bear Tutorial & Pattern


    This article describes only the easiest way to make a teddy bear, including the materials. Nowadays, there are accessories on the market that specialize in making teddy bears, noses, eyes, joints and so on, they can make your teddy bear more figurative~

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