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    DIY Mini Bag Pattern & Tutorial

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    Mini version of the small school bag, height 13.5cm, width 10.5cm, thickness 4cm. front a plus bag cover insert pocket; bag strap with lobster buckle plus D buckle, so that you can hang the small school bag on top of the big bag as a cell phone bag or coin purse use

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    DIY Mini Bag Pattern & Tutorial

    The small school bag pattern is only a part of the file and does not include the rectangular parts of the sides and straps, which will be sized in the tutorial.

    Please print on 100% A4 paper with a seam allowance of 0.75 cm.
    Tutorial demonstrated later in this paper is the first version of the production process of small school bags, after the completion of the outer type is not very satisfied with the revisions made, the first version and the new version of the production method is the same, please ignore the tutorial and paper type of the differences. Paper type and the above show are the new version of the small schoolbag.

    Small school bag cutting

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    1. According to the paper pattern, cut 2 pieces of body fabric, 1 piece of pocket fabric and 1 piece of lining fabric, and 2 pieces of bag cover:

    2. Cutting the side fabric, it includes a piece of bag bottom and 2 pieces of zipper side fabric, I didn’t consider adding auxiliary cotton to the zipper side fabric, plus I used lace zipper, so I plan to make it with a double layer of table cloth (folded up). The dimensions are labeled in the picture below:

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    3. Cutting the lining. The body portion of the lining is cut according to the paper pattern, and the size of the bottom and zipper side fabrics are marked in the following figure:


    4. Cutting of auxiliary cotton. You will need 2 pieces for the front and back of the bag, 1 piece for the bottom of the bag, and 1 piece for the flap and pockets. If you are using an adhesive foam, cut the foam cleanly, i.e. along the dotted lines of the paper pattern.

    5. Cut the strap. The width of the band is about 3.5cm, folded inwards twice to form 4 layers and ironed flat. The length is about 20cm:


    Bag Strap Making

    1. Press a line on each side of the ironed strap, then cut off a section of about 4~5cm to cover the D buckle, and another section to cover the lobster buckle and sew it in place:


    2. Sew the strap to the top of the back of the bag (the body of the bag is pre-ironed and glued with auxiliary cotton):


    To make the front of the small school bag

    1. Mark the position of the flap on the front piece of the bag according to the lines marked on the paper pattern. Iron auxiliary cotton on the back of one of the pieces of the bag flap:


    2. Sew the two flaps together front to front, leaving the opening at the top, then trim the triangular teeth on the seam allowance:


    DIY Mini Bag Pattern & Tutorial

    3. Turn the flap out to the front to iron and press the line, pressing the line on the top edge as close to the edge as possible:


    4. Sew the flap to the front piece:


    5. Iron the back of the pocket’s fabric to prepare it for sewing:


    6. Sew the bottom corners on the top sheet and lining of the pouch:


    7. Front-align the top edge of the pocket with the top fabric and the lining fabric:


    8. Turn over to the front and press a securing line to the edge of the bag opening:


    9. Align the bottom center of the pouch and the front piece of the bag and position it with a bead pin, then align the two sides and position it, then sew the pouch to the front piece of the bag:


    DIY Mini Bag Pattern & Tutorial

    Sewing the zipper and trim

    1. Take one of the pieces of zipper fabric, fold it under widthwise to create the centerline, then lay the zipper on top so that the zipper will be sewn to the centerline of the fabric, and then sew along the centerline:


    2. After sewing, fold the fabric underneath to form a double layer, and then sew the other piece of zipper fabric in the same way:



    If you are using a regular zipper, you can also install the zipper this way, but with the front of the zipper facing down:

    3. Sew the zipper fabric and the bottom of the bag. Since everyone sews the zipper with a different seam allowance, the finished zipper fabric and bag bottom will not be the same width, so all you need to do is to sew the center point of the width of the bag bottom and the center of the zipper teeth in alignment:


    4. Trim the zipper fabric to the same width as the bottom, i.e. 5.5cm:


    5. Sew on the other end and press a line across the front; mark the midpoint of the zipper fabric on both sides:


    Sewing the hems and the front of the bag

    1. I have given 4 marks around the paper pattern of the bag body, two marks on the top and bottom aligned with the center of the bag bottom and the center of the zipper fabric, and two marks on the left and right aligned with the connection between the zipper fabric and the bag bottom. Start by aligning and positioning these 4 locations with a bead pin:

    2. 0.75cm seam allowance to sew the sides and the bag surface, the corner of the position of the sewing will be more difficult, you can cut a few depth of about 0.5cm vertical cuts on the sides of the edge of the perimeter and then sewing:


    3. After sewing the two pieces together, trim the triangles of the seam allowance so that the seams will be rounded when the bag is turned over to the front:


    Sewing the lining

    The lining is much easier to sew than the outer layer. Here, the zipper fabric does not need to be folded into 2 layers, but just folded into one seam allowance, leaving a gap of about 1.2 cm or so between the two zipper fabrics:


    Once the lining is made, turn it inside out and slip it over the outside of the made tablecloth, and use a hand sewing needle to stitch the tablecloth reel stitch around the zipper:



    DIY Mini Bag Pattern & Tutorial

    Finally, turn the small book bag out the front and install the four-in-one clasps for the insert pockets.


    DIY Mini Bag Pattern & Tutorial
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