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    Diana Blanket with Crochet Motifs FREE PATTERN

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    Are you looking for a way to add a pop of color and texture to your home? If so, a crochet granny blanket is an excellent option. Grannys are small crochet squares that can be crocheted in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making them a popular technique for creating blankets and other accessories.

    In this article, we’ll explore how to make a crochet granny blanket, from choosing materials and selecting granny patterns to creating the blanket itself. You’ll discover how to join the grannys to form the blanket and how to create a decorative border to finish your project.

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    ✅ Color principal (CP) Vintage White, 4 ovillos.

    ✅ Contrast A Orange Leaf, 1 ball.

    ✅ Contraste B Morning Blush, 1 ovillo.

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    ✅ Contrast C Twilight, 1 ball.

    ✅ Contrast D Celestial Blue, 1 ball.

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    ✅ Hook size L/11 (8 mm).

    ✅ Thread needle.


    ✅ The finished blanket measures [124.5 cm] wide x 61″ [157.5 cm] long.


    ✅ Motifs: 12″ [30.5 cm] square.


    ✅ Note: To change color, work to the last 2 loops on the hook and draw new color through the last 2 loops and add the new color.

    ✅ Reason 1: Make 5 using B as Color 1, D as Color 2 and A as Color 1.

    ✅ Reason 2: Make 5 using A as Color 1, C as Color 2, and D as Color 3.

    ✅ Reason 3: Make 5 using C as Color 1, A as Color 2 and B as Color 3.

    ✅ Reason 4: Make 5 using D as Color 1, B as color 2 and C as color 3.

    Diana Blanket Pattern with Crochet Motifs

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