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    Crochet Wind Bell FREE PATTERN

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    ✅ If you are looking for a unique and creative way to add a touch of fun and color to your home or garden, crochet fish wind chimes may be the perfect answer. With their vibrant, handwoven patterns, these wind chimes are not only adorable, but can also be a functional way to add some soothing music to the great outdoors. 

    ✅ In this article, we’ll explore the different patterns and techniques needed to create your own crochet fish wind chimes, and how you can customize them to suit your style and décor. Whether you’re a beginner or a crochet expert, these wind chimes are a fun and rewarding project that you’re sure to love.

    Crochet Wind Bell


    ✅ Color Off White, 1 ovillo.

    ✅ Hook size 3.5mm.

    ✅ Removable marker.

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    ✅ Tapestry needle.

    ✅ Marine mollusks of different shapes.

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    ✅ Piece of wood to hang the ornaments


    ✅ The ornaments have a diameter of between 6 and 9 cm, the length of the chain varies depending on what you want (shown with chains 25 to 35 cm long, measured without the sea shells).


    ✅ Crab round 3: 6 cm


    ✅ The 2 initial Chains do not count as a point.

    ✅ To obtain a tight result without holes, make a half double crochet in the back loop and in the center loop of the back of the stitch.

    ✅ It can be knitted with any wool and with a hook smaller than the recommended one.

    Crochet Wind Chime Pattern

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