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    Crochet Towel Holder House FREE PATTERN

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    ✅ The Crochet Towel Holder House is a design that adds a decorative and charming touch to your kitchen, making it an excellent option for those looking to organize their home without compromising aesthetics.

    ✅ The crochet technique allows the Crochet Towel Holder House to be woven in different colors and thread textures, which means you can customize it to fit your kitchen decor. You can choose colors that complement your furniture and appliances, or add additional details, such as flowers or leaves, for a more attractive touch.

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    ✅ In short, the Crochet Towel Holder House is a free pattern that will allow you to create a beautiful and functional towel holder house , which can also be used in the kitchen to store different small objects. Dare to knit your own little house and enjoy its usefulness and charm anywhere in your home.”


    ✅ Acrylic yarn or any other yarn of various colors: blue, white, green and brown.

    ✅ Hook of 2-3 mm.,

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    ✅ Pompom (for the roof of the house)

    ✅ Towel with buttons approximately 40 cm long.

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    Note: You can take a ready-made towel and sew a few buttons on it, or sew it with your own hands from any suitable fabric.


    ✅ The size of the finished woven house is 23 x 23 cm.


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