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    Crochet Striped Hat for Babies FREE PATTERN

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    Perfect to make your little princess look super beautiful and flirtatious, this striped hat is ideal for her because of its comfort and safety in the cold . Find your favorite colors and let’s get started!


    PC: Chain stitch.

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    Pb: Low point.

    P: High point.

    Pr: Slip stitch/Slip stitch.

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    Pto: Period.

    Sc2tog: 2 Single Points together.

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    materials __

    Color A White, 1 ball.

    Color B Yellow, 1 ball.

    Color C Lilac, 1 egg.

    Color D Sky, 1 ball.

    Color E Aqua, 1 ball.

    Color F Pink, 1 ball.

    Color G Peach, 1 ball.

    H-8 (5mm) size hook.

    Point markers.

    Large-eyed blunt needle.


    Finished circumference: 45.5 cm, which can be stretched to fit different sizes.

    Final height: 12.5 cm, not including the flaps.


    13 sc + 17 rows: 10 cm.

    Instructions for the Striped Hat for a Girl in Crochet

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