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    Crochet Rainbow Butterfly Cushion FREE PATTERN

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    🦋 The art of crochet has conquered the world of crafts with its versatility and beauty. And if there is a creation that combines the delicacy of threads with the liveliness of colors, it is the rainbow butterfly cushion.

    🦋 This charming crocheted accessory not only adds a touch of joy and sophistication to any space, but also awakens the imagination and transports us to a world of fantasy.

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    🦋 In this article, we will discover the secrets behind making a crochet rainbow butterfly cushion, from the necessary materials to the key techniques to achieve this wonderful design. Get ready to immerse yourself in the art of crochet and create a unique piece that will dazzle everyone with its charm and color!


    ✅ Pc: Chain.

    ✅ Pb: Low point.

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    ✅ Pa: High point.

    ✅ Pr: Sliding point.

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    ✅ White (A) – 3 ovillos.

    ✅ Baby Blue (B) – 1 ovillo.

    ✅ Frost (C) – 1 ball.

    ✅ Lemonade (D) – 1 ball.

    ✅ Peachy (E) – 1 egg.

    ✅ Baby Pink (F) – 1 ball.

    ✅ Prism (G) – 1 ovillo.

    ✅ Clay (H) – 1 ball.

    ✅ G-6 (4mm) size hook.

    ✅ Blunt needle with big eyes.

    ✅ 14 inch x 14 inch (35.5 x 35.5 cm) cushion shape or fiber filling.


    ✅ Cushion measures approximately 14 inches x 14 inches (35.5 x 35.5 cm), 27 x 27 squares.


    8 (3 pc, 3 dc) squares = approximately 4 inches (10 cm).


    ✅ The back and front are worked separately using the corner to corner (C2C) technique.

    ✅ The back is worked only with thread color A, following the written instructions.

    ✅ The color of the thread is changed to form the Butterfly pattern on the front, following the dot diagram.

    ✅ A border is worked around the outer edges of the front and back.

    ✅ The front and back are sewn together to form the cushion.


    Working only with A, work in C2C technique, until completing all 53 rows.

    Increase section

    Row 1: With A, sc 6, dc in the 4th sc from the hook, dc in the next 2 sc (first square made), turn. (1 square)

    Row 2: Pc 6, dc in the 4th pc from the hook, dc in the next 2 pc (new square made), (sl, 3pc, 3 dc) in the 3 pc space, turn. (2 squares)

    Row 3: Sc 6, dc in 4th sc from hook, dc in next 2 sc, (str, 3sc, 3dc) in each 3 sc space across, turn. (3 squares)

    Rows 4-27: Repeat row 3, working one more square on each row. (you will have 27 squares in row 27)

    Decrease section

    Row 28: Pr in each tr across to next 3 pc space, (pr, 3 pc, 3 tr) in each 3 pc space to last 3 pc space, tr in last 3 pc space, turn. (26 squares)

    Rows 29-53: (1 square remaining in row 53).

    Don’t button up.

    Edge: Stc 1, work sc evenly spaced around the outer edge of the piece, working (sc, sc 1, sc) in each corner; Join with a sl st in the first sc. Button up.


    Attach the front and back with the wrong sides together and the points matching.

    Using A and the tapestry needle, weave the edges together around 3 sides, leaving the edges of the last side unstitched.

    Insert the cushion form or fill it.

    Sew the edges of the last side together.

    Weave the ends.

    Crochet Rainbow Butterfly




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