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    Crochet Mount Hood Blanket FREE PATTERN

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    Crochet blankets are great for keeping you warm in cold weather. Being handmade, crochet blankets are often made from thick, warm yarns, making them ideal for winter use. 

    This spectacular design crochet blankets can also be used as decorative elements in a room. There are many different patterns and designs available, meaning you can find a blanket that matches your home decor.

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    ✅ Pc: Chain stitch.

    ✅ Pb: Low point.

    ✅ Pa: High point.

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    ✅ Point: Point.

    ✅ Pr: Flat/sliding point.

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    ✅ Sc3tog: 3 Low points together in the same point.

    ✅ Dc3tog: 3 High Points together in the same point.

    ✅ Popcorn Stitch: Work 5 dc in the same st or space. Release the loop from the hook. Insert hook from front to back into the first dc of the 5 dc group. Pull loop through st. 1 Pc to secure the popcorns.


    ✅ Color Warm Patina, 7 balls.

    ✅ Hook size H/8 (5 mm).


    ✅ 152.5 cm diameter.


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