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    Crochet Laptop Sleeve FREE PATTERN

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    This beautiful crochet laptop sleeve has a charming and timeless design that will protect your equipment from dust and dirt. Get ready to go to school or the office and enjoy this incredible pattern to the fullest.


    PC: Chain.

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    Pb: Low point.

    Lsc: Long single crochet.

    Q: Slider point.

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    materials _

    Hobbii Ribbon Yarn – Approximately 14.1 oz. (400g).

    Hook size H/8 (5mm).

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    5.11 inch (13 cm) 0.98 inch (25 mm) leather strap.

    1 magnetic rivet.

    Drilling tool (optional).


    The piece measures approximately 13” x 9.8” (33 x 25 cm).


    Change the size: If you want to make the cover wider then just add pc stitches until you have the desired width and continue in height if you want it taller/longer.


    Crochet in a spiral so that the rows do not end with a slr or start by making 1 pc.

    Round 1: Start by making 35 ch. In the 2 pc of the hook, work 2 sc. Work 1 sc into the next 32 pc. In the last ch, work 4 sc. Now continue to the other side of the base pc.

    Work 1 sc into the next 32 pc. In the last stitch, work only 1 sc, since you have to end up with an odd number of stitches. (71)

    Round 2: Work sc in each stitch around. (71)

    Round 3: Alternate “1 sc, 1 lsc” around. End with 1 sc. (71)

    Round 4: Alternate “1 lsc, 1 sc” around. Finish with 1 lsc. (71)

    Repeat rounds 3 and 4 until you have 33 rounds in total. Finish with 1 round of sc followed by 1 round of pr.


    Cut a piece of the leather strap into a suitable length. Punch 4 holes at one end and attach the leather strap to the back of the case by sewing a cross as shown in the image below.

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