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    Crochet Grandma’s Picture for Beginners

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    ✅ The Granny Square, also known as Granny Square, is a classic and versatile design that has been the basis of countless crochet projects over the years.

    ✅ From blankets and cushions to bags and clothing, the Grandma Box fits a wide range of applications and styles, allowing beginner and experienced knitters to explore their creativity and skills.

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    In this Crochetisimo article, we provide a graphic and a video tutorial on how to join the Basic Granny Square in Crochet, ensuring that Even those who are new to crochet can enjoy this tradition and create beautiful knitted pieces.

    As you gain confidence and hone your skills, we encourage you to experiment with different colors, sizes and combinations , allowing your imagination and passion for crochet to guide you in the creation of unique and significant works of art.


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    These crochet grannies or grandmother’s paintings are a perfect design for recycling that wool 🧶 that we have left over from previous projects 😉


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    ✅ Medium wool in pastel colors: yellow, lilac, orange, blue
    ✅ Crochet hook 3.5 mm

    I recommend that while you knit your grandmother’s squares you block them so that they have a rigid and uniform shape, as I show you in this little short 👇🏻

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