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    Crochet Cupid Pillow FREE PATTERN

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    Is Valentine’s Day coming and you still don’t have a gift? Nor money? Don’t worry! Today we bring you a simple pattern where you will only need a little thread and a lot of skill to make this charming heart cushion that will undoubtedly brighten anyone’s day. To work! 


    ✅ Red color, 4 balls.

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    ✅ White color, 1 ball.

    ✅ Hook size G-6/4 mm.

    ✅ Tapestry needle, scissors and measuring tape.

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    ✅ 1 Pillowcase or polyester filling.


    ✅ 13″ in diameter.

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    Graphic 1

    Make 2 identical panels.

    Use color #8001.

    Crochet back and forth.

    73 Padlock.

    R1-18: 1 Chain, 72 single crochets.

    R19: Join color #3635, use color #8001 to start row: chain 1, 35 single crochet, change to color #3635, 1 single crochet, change to color #8001, 36 single crochet.

    Continue following graph 1, changing the colors according to the graph.

    Graph 2: Contour

    Join color #3635 in any corner.

    Crochet joining both panels. Crochet into the round.

    R1: 3 chains + 2 double crochets in the corner, skip 3 base stitches (1 single crochet, 2 chains, 1 single crochet) in the same base point, skip 3 base stitches*, repeat from * to *. around the cushion.

    Before joining the last side, insert the cushion filling or polyester filling. Finish with 1 slip stitch. Close and knit the ends.

    Crochet Cupid Pillow Pattern

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