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    Crochet Butterfly Blanket FREE PATTERN

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    ✅ Crochet blankets are a wonderful way to add a touch of warmth and comfort to any home, and a crochet butterfly blanket can be the perfect piece for those looking for something special and unique. This design features a pattern of butterflies in flight throughout the fabric, creating a piece of art and beauty.

    ✅ The crochet butterfly blanket is an exciting project for crochet and craft lovers. This project combines basic knitting techniques with a more complex butterfly pattern to create a stunning and unique crochet piece.

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    ✅ In this article, we will explore different patterns and techniques for creating a crochet butterfly blanket, as well as share helpful tips to ensure your project is a success. Discover how you can create your own crochet butterfly blanket to add a touch of beauty and warmth to your home.


    ✅ Contrast A Vapor Gray, 2 balls.

    ✅ Contrast B Pink Dust, 1 ball.

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    ✅ Contrast C Shadow Purple, 1 ball.

    ✅ Contrast D Burnt Mustard, 1 ball.

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    ✅ Contrast E Misty Green, 1 ball.

    ✅ Hook size L/11 [8 mm].

    ✅Thread needle.


    ✅ 127 cm square.


    ✅ 7 single crochets and 8 rows: 10 cm.


    ✅ 3 Chains at the beginning of the round count as a high point.

    ✅ 6 chains at the beginning of the rounds count as a high point and 3 chain spaces.

    ✅ Join all rows with slip stitch in the 3rd chain of 6 chains unless otherwise indicated.

    Make 4 reasons

    ✅ 1 with E as Color 1, D as Color 2, C as Color 3 and B as Color 4.

    ✅ 1 with D as Color 1, C as Color 2, B as Color 3 and E as Color 4.

    ✅ 1 with C as Color 1, B as Color 2, E as Color 3 and D as Color 4.

    ✅ 1 with B as Color 1, E as Color 2, D as Color 3 and C as Color 4.

    ✅ With A, 4 chains. Join with a slip stitch to the first chain to form a ring. Continue with the dot diagram.

    Crochet Butterfly Blanket Pattern

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