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    Crochet Bonn Stool Cover FREE PATTERN

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    🌿 The stool is a versatile element in interior decoration, used both in rest areas and in social spaces. However, many times its appearance can be monotonous and unattractive. This is where the Bonn Stool Cover comes into play, offering a creative and unique solution to renew your stools and make them stand out.

    🌿 The crochet fabric used to create this cover allows for a wide variety of designs and patterns. You can choose from geometric and floral motifs to more minimalist or bohemian styles, adapting the cover to your own taste and the decoration of your home. In addition, the yarn used provides a soft and pleasant texture to the touch, guaranteeing comfort when sitting.

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    🌿 The Bonn Stool Cover is not only aesthetically attractive, but it is also functional. By completely covering the stool, it protects its surface from stains, wear and tear, prolonging its useful life. In addition, it can be easily removed and washed, making it easy to maintain and clean.


    🌿 Hilo Babylon Dmc n. 5 ref. 147D/5 of color 3346 – 3 folds.

    🌿 2mm hook.

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    🌿 32 cm stools.


    🌿 The sling measures approximately 32 cm in diameter x 4 cm in height.

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    Bonn a Crochet Stool Cover



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