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    Crissty Mandala Pillow in Crochet FREE PATTERN

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    🌼 The mandala design of the Crissty Pillow not only provides aesthetic beauty, but also symbolizes unity and harmony. Mandalas are geometric figures that represent wholeness and the connection between all things. By incorporating this design into your home, you are inviting balance and positive energy that will be reflected in your living space.

    🌼 The crochet technique used to create the Crissty Mandala Pillow allows for an infinite variety of colors and textures. You can choose a vibrant color palette to add joy and vitality to your home, or opt for softer, more neutral tones to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Plus, you can play with different threads and stitches to add details and personalize your pillow.

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    🌼 Its soft and fluffy filling provides you with adequate support while you sit or lie down, allowing you to enjoy moments of relaxation and comfort in your home. In addition, hand-woven adds a special and unique touch to each pillow, turning it into a true work of art.


    🌼 Color White, 31g.

    🌼 Color Iced Crocus, 10g.

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    🌼 Color Spring Crocus, 104g.

    🌼 Color Sweet Violet, 13g.

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    🌼 African Violet Color, 25g.

    🌼 Color Violet, 20g.

    🌼 4mm hook.

    🌼 Custom circular cushion or filling of your choice.


    🌼 40 cm in diameter.

    Crochet Mandala Crissty Cushion


    Alien Eye Mandala
    Alien Eye Mandala
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