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    Complete Sandwich Amigurumi FREE PATTERN

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    Eggs and bread? Maybe a rasher or two of bacon? Or any combination of the above? We have included all this in this exquisite amigurumi sandwich, with slices of whole wheat bread for you to assemble your fillings. We’ve left our sandwich open, so you can appreciate the Scandinavian flair of this delicious piece.


    ✅ PC: Chain point.

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    ✅ Pa: High point.

    ✅ Pb: Low point.

    ✅ Pr: Sliding / satin point.

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    ✅ Tr: triple point

    ✅ Increase: Increase

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    ✅ Triple inc: 3 sc at the same base point.

    ✅ Decrease: Decrease

    ✅ End of row / round: Eor.

    ✅ Invisible fastening: Complete the last stitch of the round, cut the thread with an end, insert it into the tapestry needle and in the two loops of the second stitch of the previous round and between the loops of the last stitch. Bring the strand back, cut and hide the end.


    ✅ Colors #8001 #1289 #3077 #3182 #7564 and #7625, 1 ball each.

    ✅ Hook C-2.

    ✅ Upholstery needle.

    ✅ Polyester fiberfill

    ✅ 5mm thick foam sheet

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