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    Clothes white as a cloud thanks to this grandmother’s remedy

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    Just use a simple grandmother’s remedy to have pure white clothes, without stains or streaks.

    Doing laundry  is a very important task and should never be underestimated. Most often, small laundry accidents will have happened to you. Maybe the items became discolored or stained because you left a different colored item with the others and, without realizing it, made a big  mess.  But it’s not always our fault, sometimes time and wear and tear can play a big role and end up ruining your favorite items. Washing clothes, in addition to all these unpleasant inconveniences,  also involves a lot of time, water, electricity and detergent.  So, making a mistake and having to rewash clothes also makes you spend more money and waste time. That’s why today I decided to help you with a great grandmother’s remedy.  All you have to do is use a simple trick and you will see that your beloved white clothes will always look impeccable.

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    How to have white, super shiny clothes with a simple grandmother’s remedy

    white clothes how to remove stains

    These days we have so many choices for just about everything. For this reason,  we sometimes forget that even a few small things are enough,  and perhaps even economical, to solve certain problems that we may encounter in different areas. White clothes are very delicate because, over time,  they lose the shine that distinguishes them.  They can also be stained with other colors creating real disasters, but I have excellent news for you: from today everything will change.

    There are several ingredients you can use to always have white, pure and super clean laundry. What you use will be cheap and you may already have some of these ingredients at home, so all  you have to do is discover all of Grandma’s remedies:

    1. Lemon juice: lemon juice is an excellent ally for cleaning because it degreases, disinfects and cleans deeply.  We have often seen how to best use it at home and each time its power surprises us  . To whiten and shine white clothes, simply pour the  juice of a lemon into a glass, add a little water and a spoonful of hydrogen peroxide.  Mix everything well then fill a basin with water. Pour the mixture into the basin and immerse the item you wish to whiten. Leave to soak for a few hours then machine wash as you usually do.
    2. Aspirin:  incredible, but true, aspirin can also be an exceptional remedy for restoring white clothes to their former glory. It is even capable of removing   annoying, smelly and unsightly sweat stains  , let’s see how to do it right away. First, take the item you want to remove stains from and wet the affected area with a little water,  then rub aspirin on the stained area  . Leave to act for a few hours then machine wash or hand wash. If you want to whiten gray or yellowed clothes, add 3 aspirins to the washing machine drum.  Aspirin is also a valuable help for your plants!
    3. Window Washing Detergent:  When faced with ink-stained white clothes, the best way to remove stains is to use window washing detergent. First, take the stained item and place paper towels under the stain so that the detergent stays concentrated on the stained part.  Then apply the detergent to the affected area and leave for 10 minutes  , all you have to do is wash the dress as you usually do.

    Do you know these awesome tips for whitening and removing stains from white clothes? I bet when you try them you will be truly amazed.

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