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    Basic Drawstring Bag Tutorial

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    When you make a drawstring bag out of some thicker textured fabric (like canvas or burlap), you don’t need a lining, one layer is enough. Here are some ways to make a single layer drawstring bag.

    One way to make a drawstring bag

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    1. This basic drawstring bag can be made with 1 piece of fabric, i.e. the bottom of the bag is connected to the front and back pieces without interrupting; the size of the bag can also be arbitrary, here I used a piece of 50cm(L)*20cm(W) fabric. I also cut 2 strips of fabric 4cm wide and the same width as the bag fabric, which will be used to make a channel for the string. I’m going to sew them to the outside of the bag and use them as an inter-color decoration, so I’m going to use the prettier fabrics for these two strips.


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    2. Fold the two ends of the cloth to the opposite side about 1.5cm wide and iron; then fold the two sides about 0.7cm and iron.


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    3. In the body of the bag fabric ends inward about 4cm to draw a horizontal line, will be ironed on one side of the strip of cloth centered on this horizontal line, with a bead needle to fix the position, and then the top and bottom edges of the strip of cloth and the bag body for sewing, so that the channel will be formed →


    Note that it is sewn to the front of the bag body!

    4. Fold the bag inside out. If you just want to make a flat drawstring bag, then just sew the two sides together. If you want to make a drawstring bag with a bottom to make it easier to place, measure 1/2 the width of the bottom of the bag from the bottom of the fold upwards, for example, if I want to make the bottom of the bag 6cm wide, measure 3cm upwards from the bottom edge and cut a small slit in the side with scissors to mark the other side.


    Next, fold the two sides of the bottom of the bag as shown below and secure with a bead pin→


    After that, sew the two side edges together →


    5. Turn the bag over to the front, the sides form a folded corner, and the corresponding bottom of the bag is also formed to →


    6. Fold the edges of the mouth of the bag and sew it together for one week to complete the sewing of the bag.


    For those who are prone to bias in folded seams, try the Z-shaped stitch, which has a greater degree of oscillation and is less visible when sewn in a curved pattern.


    7. Prepare two pieces of string and two beads, with a single piece of string slightly longer than the circumference of the bag opening.


    Threading the rope can be used to pin the head of the rope and then wear, a rope from the left into a week around and then from the left side of another exit, another rope from the right into the right out; wear the two ropes on the same side of the head into a bead and tie a knot.


    Basic Drawstring Bag Tutorial

    8. Simultaneously pull the string in both directions and the bag is cinched tight.


    Basic Drawstring Bag Tutorial

    Making Method No.2

    In addition to the above methods, we can also divide the drawstring bag into 2 pieces to do, you can also make the channel fabric strip sewed on the inside of the bag ……

    1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric of the same size, draw a parallel line about 4cm away from the mouth of the bag, and another one at an interval of 1.5cm, and cut a small slit at the ends of these two lines with scissors to mark them;

    In addition to prepare a width of about 3 cm, the length is slightly shorter than the mouth of the bag 2 times the width of the cloth 4 circumference of the lock edge treatment →


    2. First, sew a side edge, leaving a small opening in the middle of the two parallel lines for the rope to enter and exit.


    3. Unfold the body of the bag with one side attached and draw two more parallel lines on the front side where the parallel lines were previously drawn.


    4. Fix the cloth strip on the opposite side→


    5. Sew along the drawn parallel lines on the front side, and for solid-colored fabrics, use more conspicuous hand-stitching threads for hand-stitching to create a handmade style.


    6. Now sew the rest of the side edges together again, don’t forget to leave a slit as well. Next, we will change the position of the bottom of the bag and mark the bottom edge of the bag by measuring 3 centimeters from the seam allowance to the center.


    7. Fold and fasten as shown in the figure below.


    8. Sewing bottom edge →


    Turn it over to the front and form a fold at the bottom of the bag (the front one is on the side) →


    Basic Drawstring Bag Tutorial

    9. The last thing to do with the edges of the bag is to fold the edges over and sew them together, but we can also use a different color of fabric or lace to decorate the edges of the bag. Here I used a piece of cloth strips of different colors, calculated that the length of the cloth strips after removing the seams should be exactly equal to the circumference of the mouth of the bag, and the width of 4~5 cm→.


    10. Sew the two ends of the strip of cloth together, then attach the front of the strip of cloth to the back of the bag, align the edges and sew for a week, then fold the other side of the strip of cloth into about 0.7 cm and iron it flat.


    11. Fold the fabric strip to the front of the bag, cover the original sewn edges, and then sew it together.




    Basic Drawstring Bag Tutorial

    12. The surface of the drawstring bag may be decorated with patches, embroidery, decorative buttons, etc., which should be applied before sewing or cutting!

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