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    Amigurumi Frankenstein’s Monster Crochet Pattern

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    Frankenstein’s monster was never very enthusiastic about the fact that his creator Viktor Frankenstein never gave him a real name, which is why he one day simply gave himself one and now always introduces himself as Franky.

    Even though Franky may look a bit unusual, with the nails in his neck and his somewhat unhealthy green skin color, behind this facade is a sensitive, romantic guy who in the end is just looking for a partner with whom he can spend eternity comfortably in a small cottage in the countryside.

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    However, if you are currently not looking for eternity, then you can first crochet this little wool Franky.

    Frankenstein’s monster is crocheted with chain stitches, slip stitches, single crochet stitches and half double crochet stitches in spiral rounds and rows and is easy to crochet.

    The depicted amigurumi Frankenstein’s monster has been crocheted with the “Schachenmayr Catania” yarn with a 2.5 mm crochet hook and has sitting a height of 5.5 cm.

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    Keep scrolling for the free crochet pattern.

    Free Frankenstein’s Monster Crochet Pattern

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