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    Amigurumi Bear Skewers FREE PATTERN

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    This bear pattern is very easy to make. If you are a beginner, this pattern is an easy option for you. It can also help you create any animal you like by changing the snout and ears. Let’s get started on this lovely project! 

    ✅ Teddy bears are a classic toy that has been loved for generations. If you are a fan of crochet and amigurumi toys, then creating your own amigurumi bears can be a fun way to add a touch of fun and cuteness to your life. 🤎🐻🤎🐻🤎

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    ✅ In this article, we will explore how to make an amigurumi bear skewer, a fun and creative project that can be used as a hair accessory, to decorate your room or even as a unique and personalized gift. Plus, this project is perfect for both beginners and more experienced crocheters. 

    ✅ You will learn different patterns and techniques to create each of the bears, as well as share useful tips to make sure your project is a success. Find out how you can create a beautiful amigurumi bear skewer to add a touch of cuteness and fun to your life.


    ✅ Am: Magic ring.

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    ✅ Pb: Low point.

    ✅ Inc: Increase (2 sc in the next point).

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    ✅ Dec: Decrease (join the next 2 points into 1).

    ✅ Pr: Flat / slip stitch..

    ✅ Point: Point.

    ✅ BLO: Work only in the back loop.

    ✅ FLO: Work only in the front loop.

    ✅ []: Number of stitches you must have at the end of the round/row

    ✅ ( ) x 6: Repeat what is in parentheses the indicated number of times


    ✅ Brown and white thread color.

    ✅ Hook size 3-4 mm.

    ✅ Fiber filling.

    ✅ Sewing needle and scissors.


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