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    Almost no one uses this compartment in the washing machine and it’s a huge mistake

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    What to put in the washing machine compartment and how best to clean our laundry to achieve amazing results.

    Washing machine detail

    There is a compartment in the washing machine  that seems practically unused, when in reality its use would bring great benefits to all of us. Both in terms of practicality and time. More generally, thank God the washing machine exists. Because it allows us to optimize the times when we have to wash the laundry.

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    In fact, doing it by hand with all the rags and clothes that we have to clean would take a lot of time and not less effort. Then there are ways and means to do the same to also save in terms of electricity consumed. And to avoid having too high an electricity bill, it could be very useful to use this specific compartment of the washing machine.

    There are usually several spaces that we can exploit each time we use this device. And it will be something that we can use  to our great advantage  . The way we interact with this important tool will most likely change.

    What is the third compartment of the washing machine used for?

    Laundry washing machine

    It is precisely the compartment of the washing machine that we will have to turn to. The completely incorrect methodology of pouring detergent and fabric softener where it is not indicated they should go is quite widespread. We have the one that has the two vertical bars or the Roman numeral II, where you have to pour a classic detergent.

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    Or the latter can also be  homemade , made using  clever DIY methods  with our own hands. And besides, it is also important to know  the exact amount of detergent  to use.

    In this same tray it is also possible to put liquid descaler and non-aggressive bleach. In the middle, however, in the compartment with the symbol that recalls a flower drawn on it,  you must place the fabric softener  . Which is suitable for   specific types of fabrics.

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    Finally, the third compartment – ​​and this is what interests us – requires pouring bleach into it, if we need it, or we could use it if we decide to do a pre-wash. It has the symbol I drew on it, which is 1 in Roman numerals. Detergent should therefore be placed here in case of pre-washing.

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