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    ♻️ Crochet Jar Lid FREE PATTERN

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    Nowadays, caring for the environment has become a priority for many people around the world. One of the most effective ways to contribute to the protection of the planet is through recycling. In this sense, crochet has positioned itself as an ideal technique for reusing materials and creating useful and aesthetically attractive objects. ♻️

    In this article, we will present you a free pattern to make crochet lids for recycled jars. With this project, you can give a second life to those glass jars that you no longer use and create an original and functional piece for your home. Let’s get to work! 

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    Jar lids are essential elements in the kitchen, as they allow food to be kept fresh and protected from possible contamination. However, many times these lids are lost or damaged, forcing us to throw away the jars and generate more waste.


    ✅ Blueberry, Red or Tangerine – 1 ball.

    ✅ US size hook G/6 (4mm).

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    Note: 1 ball will make 4 tapas.


    ✅ The lid measures approximately 3″ (7.5 cm) in diameter.

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    ✅ The lid fits a standard wide mouth canning jar.


    ✅ 15 single crochets and 16 rows = 4″ [10 cm].


    Follow the stitch diagram to correctly create your knitted piece.

    Tie it to the mouth of your jar with a thread tail or any decorative woven bow you want.

    Pattern Lid for Jars in Crochet



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